Madden ’18 Ultimate League Week 9: Two Nail Biters That Go Down To The Wire

by Gary Catig

We’re halfway into the Elite Conference season and everyone is beginning to eye the post season.  For the first featured game of the week, the number one Madden player in the world, Skimbo, took on Joel CP. In the other match up, SpotMePlzzz was hoping to climb up from the bottom of the standings by defeating reigning Club Champion, Gos.

In his game, Joel received the ball and ran it back to his 28-yard line. He had a big 61-yard bomb to set himself up in scoring position. Though he only managed to score three points to take an early lead. On his first possession, Skimbo added a field goal of his own tying the game 3 – 3.

Halfway into the next quarter, Joel kicked another field goal doubling up Skimbo. During his next time with the ball, Skimbo marched down the field 65-yards to score the first touchdown of the game. He tossed a 22-yard pass in the back of the end zone to go ahead 10 – 6. With only 30 seconds until the half, Skimbo forced a fumble and scooped it up and scored on a 50-yard untouched return to increase the deficit to 11 points. The players went into half time with the score 17 – 6, Skimbo.

Skimbo had a fast start in the second half as he returned the kickoff over 100 yards for another score. Joel gradually chipped away at his challenger’s lead. He added another three points on his next possession and scored off a 11-yard run after that to make it a one possession game.

In the fourth quarter, Joel ran it in from 3-yards out for another touchdown. He attempted a 2-point conversion to tie the game at 24 but was unsuccessful. Despite the close game, Joel never received another chance to score. He couldn’t stop Skimbo and his opponent gained enough first downs to run out the clock and win 24 – 22.

During the second game, SpotMe forced an early turnover by intercepting a pass. Gos paid him back a few plays later, picking off an errant pass and taking it back for a touchdown. SpotMe wasn’t discouraged though as he received possession again. He eventually ran it into the end zone from 23-yards out to tie the game 7 – 7.

Early in the second quarter, Gos kicked a field goal to take a slim 10 – 7 lead.  On the first play after the kick off, SpotMe gained 64-yards in the air placing him on his opponent’s 10-yard line.  He ran it in the next play scoring his second touchdown.  Gos responded by punching it in on the ground, right up the middle, from the 1-yard line.  They went into the break with the score 17 -14, Gos.

SpotMe retook the lead at the start of the third quarter when he returned the kickoff for a score.  This game turned into a shoot-out with Gos putting another touchdown on the board with a 10-yard pass. SpotMe answered back with a field goal to tie the game again. He then picked off his opponent to regain possession, but gave up another pick 6 a few plays afterwards, falling behind again, 24 – 31.

Halfway into the final quarter, SpotMe scored on a 12-yard pass for the third tie of the match. Gos went for it on 4th and 21 instead of kicking a 54-yard field goal to go ahead. He was intercepted giving SpotMe a chance to win the game. Gos’ defense came up huge forcing a fumble and recovery.  This time when he had the opportunity to kick a field goal, he took it. He was successful on a 48-yard kick to win the game at the buzzer, 34 – 31.

Week 9’s featured games were both nail biters as the point differentials were 3 points or less. After a slow 0 – 2 start, Skimbo has hit his stride winning five straight games. He now sits atop the B division of the Elite Conference. On the other hand, SpotMePlzzz is trending the wrong way going winless for the week. He sits at the very bottom of the entire conference and is going to need some victories if he wants to make the playoffs. Check out all the scores and the standings below.

Week 9 Scores:

SpotMePlzzz vs Noble Prodigy                                    24 – 17

Gos vs Noble SteveyJ                                                   26 – 21

Skimbo vs Noble Prodigy                                            21 – 6

Gos vs SpotMePlzzz                                                     34 – 31

Skimbo vs Blocky                                                         13 – 9

Joel CP vs SpotMePlzzz                                                34 – 29

Young Kiv vs Blocky                                                      24 – 20

Skimbo vs Joel CP                                                         24 – 22

Standings After Week 9:

Gary Catig

Gary Catig is west coast raised, east coast educated, and has a touch of southern charm. He has spent most of his adult life making science fiction a reality as an engineer conducting research in the military, microprocessor, and biotechnology fields. While currently living in San Diego, he enjoys all facets of pop culture including but not limited to comics, TV, movies, and music.

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