Stand Out Games From PAX East 2018, Part 3

by Tito W. James

My list of stand out games from PAX East continues. Don’t miss the games from PART 1 and PART2.

PUSS! is an action puzzle game based around getting through mazes without touching the walls. All the levels are randomly sequenced so every run is different. The visual direction is based around webpunk and glitch art that’s sure to induce some seizures.

Russian Subway Dogs is a fast-paced action-arcade game inspired by the real-life stray dogs of the Moscow Metro.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is a reboot of an infamously terrible Super NES game staring Shaquille O’Neal. According to the developers, this time they won’t FU it up.

EarthNight is an infinite runner inspired game where you start in space and run atop the backs of dragons until you reach the final world.

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