Why You Should Watch Final Space As The Next Step In Animation

by Tito W. James

Final Space  is nearing its season conclusion on TBS. I’ve been hooked on this innovative Sci-Fi series and I’m here  to give you some reasons why you should hop on board.

The core of any good show is its characters, and Final Space delivers characters that are iconic and grow on you over time. The most benign looking characters are in fact the most dangerous and powerful. The best examples of this are the adorable side-kick Mooncake, who can fire a planet-destroying laser, and the Lord Commander who can rip characters limb from limb just with his mind.

The reason I would encourage people to watch the show is because of its dark aspects. Final Space doesn’t shy away from blood and death, but unlike other adult cartoons there’s more to this show than dark humor. Olan Rogers wanted to create a space opera where the audience really connected with the characters and mourned their inevitable deaths.

Final Space excites me because it’s doing what I’ve always wanted to see in American animation. It has the mature aspects of Anime, minus the carbon-copy art-style and Moe fan-service. I don’t want to see America stop with Final Space. I want to see animated shows that cover different genres such as fantasy, horror, gritty crime, history, and romance. In other words, treating animation as a medium an not a kiddie-genre.
The show might be called Final Space, but it could be the first step into a new animated universe.

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