Mike Perkins And Dan Jurgens Join Green Lanterns With Issue #50

by Olly MacNamee

We gave you Mike Perkins’ first exclusive DC interview and while he couldn’t give too much away at the time, it’s now been confirmed that he will work on his first DC book as the artist on Green Lanterns, along with Dan Jurgens on writing duties, starting with the milestone issue #50 as Bendis moves in to monopolise on DC’s Superman titles. Good to see Jurgens has found a new home and one Hell of an artistic partner, too.
Here at comicon.com we’re happy to share with you Mike’s stunning B+W cover for his first issue, due out this July, above.
And here’s the synopsis of what’ll be kicking off story-wise in this issue:

Something is Amiss.” That’s what the Guardians believe. But even they cannot see the darkness growing inside the Central Power Battery… an infection. One that will have enormous repercussions within the entire Green Lantern Corps. Making matters worse, in light of recent events, Jessica Cruz questions her place within the Green Lantern Corps, contemplating leaving it behind. And her partner Simon Baz is stung so much by her confession, he may let her go…
Then, a murderer stands within the GLC’s ranks as tension rises between Simon and Jessica. Their rings seem to say the other committed the crime.

Green Lanterns #50 is on sale on July 4th, 2018.
Now, where did I put his email address again for a follow up….

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