Madden ’18 Ultimate League Week 10: The Elite Conference Jockeys For Playoff Position

by Gary Catig

During Week 10, players started to qualify for the playoffs. Early in the day, Skimbo punched his ticket in by defeating division rival SpotMePlzzz. In the featured games, Joel CP and Noble Prodigy faced each other with both hoping to keep their postseason hopes alive. In the second match, Young Kiv looked to be the second person in to the next round if he could defeat Noble SteveyJ.
In their game, Prodigy was the first to have the ball, but it was Joel who scored first.  Three plays into the game, Joel forced a turnover by intercepting a pass. He walked away with three points on his possession by kicking it through the uprights. After the first quarter, Joel lead 3 – 0.
Prodigy countered in the second quarter with a 3-yard TD pass. Then, Joel retook the lead on a 65-yard scoring drive that ended with a 19-yard run. After the two-minute warning, Prodigy turned the ball over again throwing another interception. Joel kicked another field goal to lead 13 – 7.  He intercepted the ball again and gained possession in the red zone. Due to poor time management, the clock ran out before he could score.
The competitors played a scoreless third quarter, but during the beginning of the fourth, Joel tacked on his third field goal making it a two-possession game. He would put the game away after a near 77-yard pick six. The game ended 22 – 10, Joel CP.
For the second game, SteveyJ was the first to put points on the board with a field goal early in the first quarter. At the start of the next quarter, SteveyJ added to his lead by throwing a 10-yard touchdown pass. Kiv would cut into that lead with a 76-yard bomb for a score. SteveyJ responded quickly throwing a 67-yard TD pass of his own to push the lead back up to 10. He would have a crucial goal line stand with a minute to go to the half and Kiv turned it over on downs. However, on SteveyJ’s possession, he threw a pick 6. Before halftime, SteveyJ added another field goal to go into the break with a 20 – 14 lead.
Kiv took a slight 21 – 20 lead in the third quarter after a 44-yard pass into the end zone. SteveyJ came back with a big 42-yard touchdown on the ground. He followed that up with a 2-point conversion making the score 28 – 21 SteveyJ.
Kiv was knocking on the door in the first minute of the last quarter. He ran it in from 4-yards out to tie the game. Next time he had the ball, SteveyJ went for it on fourth down but was sacked thus relinquishing possession. Kiv had a prime opportunity to take the lead starting on his opponent’s 14-yard line but gave the ball back on an interception. With the game tied and only 30 seconds in regulation, SteveyJ threw a pass to get into field goal range, but Kiv came up with a huge defensive play intercepting the ball and returning it to the 1-yard line. He would run it in on the very next play to take the lead, 35 – 28. With time running out, SteveyJ would make one last desperation play, but was picked off again, ending the game.
Young Kiv came back from halftime to defeat Noble SteveyJ. With that victory, Kiv booked his ticket into the post season. At the end of Week 10, Skimbo, Kiv, Blocky, and Gos were all playoff bound, but their seeds would be determined in the final week. With his win, Joel CP could breathe a little bit easier as he was in good position to qualify during Week 11 while Noble Prodigy has a lot of work ahead of him if he wants to extend his season. Check out all the scores and standing from Week 10.
Week 10 Scores:
Young Kiv vs Noble Prodigy                                          38 – 17
Blocky vs Gos                                                                 24 – 21
Joel CP vs Noble Prodigy                                               22 – 10
Gos vs Noble Prodigy                                                    31 – 21
Noble SteveyJ vs Blocky                                                 34 – 16
Skimbo vs SpotMePlzzz                                                 27 – 23
Young Kiv vs Noble SteveyJ                                           35 – 28
Noble SteveyJ vs Skimbo                                               12 – 7
Standings After Week 10:

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