Travel To A Dystopian Landscape With Lola XOXO From Aspen Comics

by James Ferguson

As part of Aspen Comics‘ year-long celebration of its 15 year anniversary, the publisher has released Lola XOXO: Volume 2 from creator Siya Oum. The series follows the title character through a post-apocalyptic world as she works within the ruthless Wasteland Trading Company. Her end goal is to be reunited with her parents, whom she lost touch with when the terror started several years ago, but that challenge gets bigger and bigger with each passing day.

Lola XOXO is an underrated gem with some gorgeous artwork. The story is solid and really explores this dystopian landscape Oum has created. I hope with this release we’ll see more from this world.
Although this is the second volume of Lola XOXO, it’s technically the third trade paperback. It joins the first volume of the series along with the Wasteland Madam collection. All three are available now.

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