Why You Should Watch Mickey Mouse Shorts

by Tito W. James

Mickey Mouse has been entertaining audiences for nearly ninety years. Disney’s current series of Mickey Mouse shorts (which launched in 2013) incorporates the bold character designs of the 1930’s, while adding some contemporary comedic touches.
Series director Paul Rudish (Samurai Jack) has brought life and personality back to a character who had been stuck in limbo as a corporate mascot for far too long.

The characters of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy are back to their truest selves. The characters pay homage and poke fun at the Disney legacy in equal turn.

This new series brings back the surrealist visual comedy from the golden age of cartoons.

Disney and Mickey Mouse have wide international appeal, and the creators of this new series are conscious of this and set various episodes in other countries and in their native tongue. The stories are so archetypical that you don’t need to know the language to know what’s going on.

Minnie takes center stage in certain episodes.

The genuine and unconditional love between Mickey and Minnie is adorable. The original voice actors for these characters were married in real life. Their love shines on to this day.
You can view even more Mickey Mouse Cartoons on Disney’s YouTube Channel.

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