Critiquing Comics #132: A Light Before The Darkness, The Satsuma Rebellion & Publishing Contracts

by Hannah Means Shannon

The Critiquing Comics Podcast returns this week from the same folks who bring us Deconstructing Comics, this time digging into the craft of making comics and the business side of things.
A Light Before Darkness - The Satsuma Rebellion
Tim and Mulele critique a couple of history-based comics: A Light Before the Darkness by Ken Mora and Cyrus Mescarcia tells the story of an artist named Michelangelo — but no, not that one. It’s about Michelangelo Da Caravaggio Di Merisi, often known simply as “Caravaggio”. Mora seems to have done his homework, but has he given us a reason to buy into his subject?
The Satsuma Rebellion is Sean Michael Wilson and Akiko Shimojima’s retelling of the titular event in Japanese history. We found it interesting — but then, we live in Japan.
ALSO: Mulele’s “PSA” about what to look for when signing (or, perhaps, NOT signing) a contract with a publisher.
Listen up below!

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