5 Point Discussions – Record Of Grancrest War 15: “Return”

by Sage Ashford

The conquering hero returns. How will Theo and Siluca deal with the actions of Mirza and Marrine, now that they’re back in Altkirk? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. In the latter half of the series’ ep count now, it’s about time to start revealing certain longstanding mysteries. Chief of which? Who killed the leaders of the Union and the Alliance in the first episode.  With Jana captured, Siluca decides to question her about the Great Hall Tragedy, since she can both summon demons and has been interested from the start in keeping the chaos going rather than putting an end to it like literally everyone else.
When Jana remains silent, the Mage Association quickly steps in to have her put to death. Now admittedly, Jana’s been one of my least favorite characters in the show, but the above line stirred up quite a bit of sympathy, if only because of the imagery of being burned at the stake typically only happens to people who are either innocent or misunderstood. The priestess Priscilla claimed the mages were taking advantage of the chaos for their own ends, now the Mage Association pops up to have Jana killed without a proper trial? And even Jana claims she’s being used? Hm.
That said, Jana goes out like a boss. Rather than let them burn her, she does one last summon and has it behead her.

2. Elsewhere, Mirza is forced to start waging war on the Forest of Eternal Darkness after he realizes it’s no longer simply the free lords of Altkirk refusing to serve him, but even his own people are starting to rise up against him. He and his assistant believe there’s no other option other than to oppress through fear, though no one stops to ask what’s the point in being ruler if his subjects are all dead.
Mirza also can’t seem to understand why the people won’t just accept him as the new lord of the land. He’s trapped in the belief that so long as he plays by the rules the royals have established it should be enough for the people as well. Unfortunately, he’s missing that the people actually liked Villar, and in the end what they want does matter. He sends a team into the  villages on the outskirts of the forest to set fire to their home, forcing both the werewolves and the people of the White Witch’s village to retreat into the Vampire Lord’s castle.

3. Just as all hope seems lost, Theo Cornaro starts to make his return to Altkirk. He’s given a hero’s greeting by Lassic, who still believes Theo should be the leader more than anything–especially now.  After capturing Jana and conquering Sistina and Bultava, Theo’s been elevated to the rank of Earl, which is a level higher than he was after conquering Savis near the start of the series. It’s taken ten episodes, but he’s finally surpassed the growth gained near the start before having to surrender it all in order to keep Siluca by his side.
Still, the Free lords of Altkirk would rather gather behind Lassic than Theo, as they talk about how Altkirk is under attack from all sides–though Marrine is busy, the Nords and Mirza have not slacked off at all. There’s a great juxtaposition here with how impressed the lords seem to be with Lassic, while Theo thus far has tended to impress commoners. The nobles respect the power, while the commoners and warriors respect Theo’s earnest intentions and desire to work together for a common goal of peace.

4. Speaking of royalty, we’re back with bloody queen Marrine, as she discusses her plans to conquer the rest of the continent with the two most powerful Lords of the land–Mirza and Ururika of the Nords. They go back and forth on the importance of conquering Altkirk while discussing their last few hurdles in taking down the Union. It’s here we get a sense of how each of these three stand in terms of rule. Mirza believes it’s better to let the people do as they will so long as they respect his control. Ururika believes it’s best to make slaves of the people, as without any sense of freedom they won’t think they have a choice in the matter. And Marrine believes…either approach is fine, apparently.
Who knew Marrine was trash? Ururika legitimately brought up keeping slaves, which Mirza hilariously mocks her for because their revolt is causing instability in her country, and Marrine’s like “Eh, so long as you keep paying taxes.” I’ve been unsure about how I feel about Marrine, but her ambition is making her more gross every episode.

5. While Mirza’s away at his meeting with Marrine, Theo reclaims the Forest of Eternal Darkness, the small area Villar gave him to run in the first place. His plan is to battle Mirza in the forest, taking advantage of his soldiers’ knowledge of the area to make up for the five to one advantage Mirza has in troops. Of course, that plan could only ever work if Mirza was stupid enough to go into the forest. Surely he wouldn’t be so stupid. Surely his council would give him advice to wait until Theo’s troops had to leave the forest. And of course he’d listen and not be so stupid as to threaten his best and only council just for giving sound advice.
…Hold on. He is that stupid?  His council did advise him better? And he did say screw it and threaten his mage’s life just for trying to help? Alright then, bring the fight on.  Hopefully this goes as poorly for Mirza as possible.
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