Injustice 2 Chapter 54: Rage Against The Harring Prison Colony

by CJ Stephens

Injustice 2 Chapter 54 continues the theme of Hal Jordan‘s Prison Colony blues, as regret and guilt and loss and anger collide on Harring, and everything starts to fall apart.
There will be spoilers…

This week’s installment picks up immediately after the death of Tomar-Re at the claws of Dex-Starr, cutest of all the rage kitties. Tomar-Re’s ring is already zooming across the planet, searching for a suitable replacement. On a prison planet populated by Green Lanterns, super-criminals, and Hal Jordan, it seems like Hal won’t be lacking a ring for much longer.
Speaking of Hal, we find him still in solitary confinement, with the solitude mitigated somewhat by the fact that he is still haunted by the ghost of Guy Gardner. Guy is bored, and is apparently reminding Jordan of that on a regular basis. He’s so bored he threatens to perform various Death Metal songs, acapella. Before that horrible fate can come to pass, Soranik arrives, announcing the end of his stint in solitary. She asks him who he’s been talking to, and Guy suggests he might as well tell her, but Hal keeps it cryptic and action hero cool, simply replying “The past.” Hal Jordan never breaks action hero cool. Except for when he breaks bad and ends up responsible for the deaths of hundreds, that is…
Soranik’s not quite done making the rounds, and her next stop is the cell of her father, Sinestro. Soranik has decided now is a good time to work out some parental issues, and she wants to know about the death of her mother. Sinestro, being just as evil as his mustache indicates, is evasive, confirming the official account that she was assassinated. But Soranik’s been apparently doing some investigation on the case, having discovered that there was no sign of struggle or forced entry. She confronts Sinestro with her own theory, that her mother killed herself in order to escape Sinestro.
It’s unclear whether her intention is to confirm or to hurt, but it’s likely she accomplishes both. Before their family drama can reach its proper conclusion, though, Soranik’s ring chimes in, alerting her to Tomar-Re’s death. Ever the consummate bad guy, Sinestro uses the distraction to his advantage, attacking Soranik and nearly removing her ring. Seriously, you’d think the greatest weapons in the universe would come with some kind of smart lock.
Of course, Soranik is also a professional, and quickly regains control, dispatching Sinestro handily, while nearly taking out Jordan as well.

Guy, of course, heartily approves of the entertainment, laughing as Soranik holds Sinestro at ringpoint, apparently threatening his life. Hal, wise fallen hero that he is, attempts to talk her down. She’s not putting up with his mansplaining right and wrong and duty, though, reminding him that she’s not like him, or Sinestro. She’s not a murderer. Seriously, Soranik’s sick burns on a thoroughly deserving Hal Jordan are catapulting her up the ranks of my favorite characters in Injustice 2.
Once she’s confirmed the Sinestro situation is under control, she reopens communications with Arisia, who has located the body of Tomar-Re, confirming that he was murdered. Hal warns that they’re in danger, and need to evacuate everyone back Oa. Sinestro disagrees, taunting his daughter for trying to play warden while taking advice from prisoners. Soranik agrees with Hal, but it’s too late, as the prison is struck by a powerful blast of scarlet energy. Soranik is (barely) able to protect the prisoners and herself, throwing up a shield around Sinestro, Jordan, and herself.

Dex-Starr is back, and while I’m not entirely sure why he’s pissed at the Green Lanterns, he’s still cute as hell. And he’s brought friends! Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lanterns, is there, along with what appears to be the entire blood-vomiting crimson Corps! Just like Batman a few issues back, Dex-Starr has also found a new family. And thematically, it’s no surprise, as Soranik has been simmering with long restrained anger towards her father the whole issue. A surprise attack by Lanterns fueled by rage is no surprise at all, at this point.
And that’s it for this week. Another fine cliffhanger, and while I’m sure Tomar-Re’s ring will play a part in the upcoming confrontation, who knows if it will choose Jordan or Sinestro? Both were once worthy ringbearers, and both are now fallen. And while we’re in space right now, it seems obvious that the arrival of the Red Lanterns isn’t going to bode well for the struggling survivors of Superman‘s Regime back on Earth. I swear, Batman can never catch a break…
Injustice 2 Chapter 54, published by DC Comics on 04/17/2018, features writing by Tom Taylor, lettering by Wes Abbott, and art by XermanicoJ. NanjanTyler Kirkham, and Arif Prianto.

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