Catch Chuck Palahniuk’s Signing Tour For New Novel Adjustment Day

by Hannah Means Shannon

Chuck Palahniuk’s new novel, the first in four years, Adjustment Day, is being touted as a return to the subjects fans have found in Fight Club like “toxic masculinity, privilege and the appeal of cults”. And he’s going to be touring both the East and the West Coast for signings that you’ll not want to miss.

In Adjustment Day:

The Conquistadors had the Bible. Mao’s army had his book of quotations. The Nazis had Mein Kampf. American radicals had Saul Alinsky. And, in the novel ADJUSTMENT DAY, the Millennials will have the Declaration of Interdependence. Smug, geriatric politicians bring the nation to the brink of a third world war in an effort to control the burgeoning population of directionless young males; working-class men dream of burying the elites; and professors propound theories that offer students only the bleakest future. People are ready for the reckoning. They’ve been reading a mysterious book and memorizing the inspirational slogans of the Declaration of Interdependence:

  • The weak want you to forgo your destiny just as they’ve shirked theirs.

  • A smile is your best bulletproof vest.

  • The joy of fiction is that it only needs to smell true.

  • Imagine there’s no God. There is no Heaven or Hell.  There is only your son and his son and his son and the world you leave for them.

Adjustment Day is set to address “every separatist fantasy, alternative fact, and conspiracy theory lurking in the American psyche”.

The book goes on sale on May 1, 2018 from W. W. Norton & Company, and you’ll be able to follow the book tour in these locations:

TUE 5/1 Powell’s (Hawthorne) Portland, OR (no tickets required)

WED 5/2 Elliott Bay Book Company Seattle, WA (tickets)

FRI 5/4 Green Apple Books San Francisco, CA (tickets)

SUN 5/6 Vroman’s Bookstore Pasadena, CA (tickets)

TUE 5/8 Strand Bookstore New York, NY (tickets)

THU 5/10 Greenlight Bookstore (Fort Greene) Brooklyn, NY (tickets)

SAT 5/12 Brookline Booksmith Brookline, MA (tickets)

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