Madden 18 Ultimate League Week 11: The Elite League Crowns Their Regular Season Division Winners

by Gary Catig

In the final week of the regular season, some of the top seeds were battling it out in order to earn that much sought after first round bye for the Elite Conference. The first featured game was a battle for Division B supremacy with Young Kiv taking on Skimbo. If Skimbo could defeat his opponent by 16 points or more, he could take first place. If not, Kiv would take that honor based off the tiebreaker of point differential. The second match had Gos playing against Joel CP.
In the first game, Young Kiv received the kickoff and was the first to start with possession. He couldn’t do much with the ball and turned it over on downs in the middle of the field. Skimbo didn’t waste any time by scoring on his very first play. He threw a 49-yard touchdown pass to take an early 7 – 0 lead. That score would be unchanged when the quarter ended, but Kiv was knocking on the door at Skimbo’s 4-yard line.
Kiv would only need three plays into the second quarter to score. He rushed it into the end zone from 3 yards out to tie the game. Skimbo responded with a scoring drive of his own ending with a 6-yard run to double up his opponent, 14 – 7. Kiv cut into that deficit by kicking in a chip shot from 15-yards out. The competitors would go into the break with the score 14 – 10, Skimbo.
In third quarter action, Kiv turned an interception into three points by converting a kick from 11 yards away. Heading into the final quarter, Skimbo had an uphill battle if he wanted to win the division. Even though he was winning 14 – 13, the point margin was still well below the 16 he needed.
That deficit would be too great to overcome, but Skimbo did make it interesting.  He scored on a 38-yard pass and was successful on the following two-point conversion. He then recovered an onside kick and had a little less than two minutes to score one more touchdown. Kiv’s defense held up and the game ended 22 – 13 Skimbo.
There wasn’t much action early on in the other featured game. During the first quarter, the players exchanged field goals resulting in a 3 – 3 tie. At the start of the next quarter, Joel was threatening but Gos had a big goal line stand preventing his opponent from scoring on a fourth down quarter back sneak at the 1-yard line. He would walk away with three more points after a 37-yard field goal to take the lead 6 – 3. Gos would tack on a touchdown with a 1-yard QB sneak pushing his lead to double digits. At halftime, Gos lead 13 – 3.
This game became a blow out in the second half. Gos scored two touchdowns on a 4-yard run and a 51-yard pass. Afterwards, he and Joel would both kick field goals resulting in a final score of 30 – 6, Gos.
Watching Young Kiv’s match against his rival Skimbo, it seemed as though he wasn’t playing with the same intensity he usually does. He had a more conservative game plan to waste as much time as possible and make sure he didn’t lose by more than fifteen points. Kiv’s tactics worked since he won the division, but I can’t help but feel wanting more from the battle between those heavyweights.
With the regular season over, Blocky and Young Kiv would top their respective divisions and earn first round byes in the playoffs. Also making the post season were Skimbo, Gos, Noble SteveyJ, and Joel CP. That left Noble Prodigy and SpotMePlzz contemplating what they could do to improve for next year. See all the scores and the standings after Week 11 below.
Week 11 Scores:
Blocky vs Joel CP                                               38 – 20
Gos vs Joel CP                                                    30 – 6
Noble Prodigy vs Blocky                                    14 – 8
Young Kiv vs SpotMePlzzz                                 20 – 10
Skimbo vs Young Kiv                                         22 – 13
Noble SteveyJ vs SpotMePlzzz                          30 – 28
Standings After Week 11:

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