Vault Comics’ Heathen To Become A Feature Film

by Erik Amaya


Deadline reports that Vault Comics’ Heathen will be making the leap to feature film. The title, by Natasha Alterici, centers on a Viking woman named Aydis. A self-proclaimed heathen and outcast among her kin, she sets out to end the oppression of women throughout the land and the tyrannical rule of God-King Odin.
Alex Cross‘s Kerry Williamson will write the script with Constantin Film’s Robert Kulzer, Prime Universe’s Adrian Askarieh and F.J. DeSanto set to produce. Constantin’s Martin Moszkowicz will serve as executive producer alongside Vault CEO/Publisher Damian Wassel.
“The entire Heathen team and I are incredibly excited about adapting my little lesbian viking comic for film, especially with a kindred spirit like Kerry writing it,” said Alterici in a statement. “I’ve been a film fanatic for longer than I’ve been a comics fans, and that my working in one format would lead to another is nothing less than a dream come true.”

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