A Closer Look At Mental Illness In ‘Everything Is Going Wrong’ Charity Comic Kickstarter

by Olly MacNamee

With well over two weeks to go, the Kickstarter campaign is looking to make this anthology comic book, Everything Is Going Wrong: Comics on Punk & Mental Illness (to give it its full title) a reality, since it’s half way there. But, it could always do better, especially with the intended proceeds going to The Trevor Project and MusiCares.
At a time when mental illness is no longer the taboo subject it once was, creators and editors, Mark Bouchard and Megan Rae have gathered around them a team of comic book creators and bands (including Adult Mom and Frank Turner) to explore the issues around mental health and raise some money at the same time. All set in and around the  various punk scenes of America.

While mental health is finally becoming less taboo to discuss in the mainstream, punks have been having nuanced discussions of mental health for years. This anthology aims to shine a light on the discussion of mental health in relation to the punk community and those adjacent to it. As such, ​EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG ​will include both fictional and autobio comics covering topics such as life with various mental illnesses, transitioning, navigating trauma, self-medication, and community.

Co-creator and co-editor of the anthology, Mark Bouchard said they’re excited to draw attention to the intersection between punk & mental illness, and how the punk community supports those living with mental illness:
“Going about daily life, it always feels like there’s a burden of proof to meet before your mental illness is treated as a medical condition instead of just being dismissed as laziness or flakiness. But in punk scenes, I’ve always felt listened to, supported, and believed— even by strangers.”
Do consider visiting their official Kickstarter page and maybe think putting yourself down for whatever you can afford. There are plenty of pledges to choose from. Anything from $1 to $80, with the latter pledge getting you a namecheck in the book, plus 10 copies for retail. Given this is a book aimed to support the two aforementioned mental health charities it’s a great idea to bring in funds while giving back, too. You’re effectively supporting the book through an order for your comic book stores with no additional bells and whistles because this ain’t that kinda Kickstarter.

Anyway, I’ll leave you in peace, with the list of contributors to this book:

Marie Enger // Ryan Ferrier + Kate Sherron // Caroline Cash // Amit Chauhan + Eli Powell // Bill Moran + Emily Pearson // Gabriel Howell // Matt Miner + Lukasz Kowalczuk // Ray Nadine // Cara McGee // Eric Palicki + Moramike // Sally Cantirino //
Liana Kangas with Joe Corallo // Katy Rex + Jenny Cha // Jackie Reynolds //
Haley Boros // Christian Sager + Rori! // Stufy // Taylor Hoffman + Dave Jordan // Mark Bouchard + Kelly Williams + Micah Myers // Nadia Shammas + Elise Schuenke // Matthew Erman + Sam Beck // Shelby Criswell // Jonas Goonface

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