Madden 18 Ultimate League Playoffs: Only The Final Four Remain

by Gary Catig

With the start of the playoffs, the pressure mounting on the competitors has never been higher. At this stage of the game, under a single elimination format, it’s win or go home.  Take a look at the playoff picture.

During the Wild Card round, there were not many surprises with the higher seed advancing most of the time. True and Skimbo sailed into the next round blowing out their opponents.  On the other hand, Dubby eked out a victory by defeating Musafa Jones by a mere two points. The only match considered an upset was when Noble SteveyJ defeated reigning Madden Club champion, Gos. The difference maker was a returned kickoff for a touchdown with a little more than one minute to go in the game. You can see the full results of the opening round below.
Wild Card Round
Musafa Jones vs Dubby                                 32 – 34
Echo Fox Joke vs True                                     14 – 32
Joel CP vs Skimbo                                            7 – 30
Noble SteveyJ vs Gos                                     24 – 17
Winners of their Divisional Round games advance to the Conference finals.  Much like the previous round, there was really only one upset. Coming off a first round bye, Drini did not exhibit any rust easily dispatching Dubby in their competition. Blocky also won his match up against the Madden 17 Championship Series number one player in the world, Skimbo.  Blocky’s game was much closer and was won on a last second field goal.  In a shootout, Young Kiv outlasted Noble SteveyJ to win their competition. For the third time this season, the two engaged in a high scoring affair, and much like the prior meetings, Kiv took home the victory.  Lastly, True once again defeated a higher seeded opponent. This time Problem, the top seed of the Legend Conference, was taken down. The scores from the Divisional round are below.
Divisional Round
Drini vs Dubby                                                  30 – 3
Problem vs True                                               20 – 27
Blocky vs Skimbo                                             20 – 17
Young Kiv vs Noble SteveyJ                         47 – 30
With the exception of True, all the other players were tops of their divisions during the regular season so it’s no surprise they made it this far. Of all the competitors though, True is the only one riding a two-win postseason streak. Can he ride this momentum all the way to the championship? We’ll have to wait and see this Saturday, April 28, when the final games will be played. The Conference Championships will start at 3:15pm ET on Twitch and the Madden Bowl will air at 7:00pm ET on ESPN2 and Twitch.

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