Final Space Delivers A Haunting Season Finale Leaving Audiences Wanting More

by Tito W. James

Final Space has rocketed adult animation into the stratosphere delivering a story with scope, humor, and art that’s lightyears beyond the competition. The season finale pits the rebel crew of the Galaxy One against the evil Lord Commander in a battle over the portal to a parallel dimension ruled by all-powerful Titans.

Through the course of ten episodes, our heroes have traveled within psychic dream worlds, across time, to the deepest oceans, and a score of hostile alien planets. Each environment is original and the show is as action-packed and evocative as any blockbuster SciFi film.

Final Space should also be commended for its art. There’s a tremendous amount of attention to detail as characters and environments change over time, gaining battle scars and new costumes. The use of 3D animation is well integrated and adds a layer of depth rather than appearing jarring. The use of color is also well done–characters are clearly readable on screen even when a planet is being destroyed. The musical score sets the mood and elicits real emotion for the serious scenes.

It’s been a blast to watch this series unfold. Each episode begins with a flash-forward of Gary floating through space and Gary’s AI companion, HUE informing him of how many minutes of oxygen he has left before Gary suffocates. It’s both satisfying and heartbreaking to see of all of the events that place Gary in this state of defeat. Creator Olan Rogers leaves audiences with only the tiniest glimmer of hope for Season 2.

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