In Conversation With…Kieron Gillen (Part 2): The Wicked + The Divine

by Olly MacNamee

Having already posted Part 1 of my hour long chat with Kieron Gillen I now present to you the second part of that conversation where we discuss The Wicked + The Divine from Image Comics. It was supposed to be on Über, but my memory card let me down. And not for the first time either. So, apologies for the editing (or lack of), but you’ll see I’m dropping you straight into it at a moment when Gillen admits to no longer writing Alan Moore style detail-heavy scripts, alongside discussing his love of music, his writing process on this very personal and, arguably, most enjoyable series, as well as a whole range of other matters to do with this much loved book. Hell, you’re not unfamiliar.
Watch and learn….

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