The Girls Come Into Their Own As Third Year Begins In Giant Days #38

by James Ferguson

The girls’ third year at university is about to begin and each one of them is preparing for a bold new chapter in their lives. Daisy is going through training and orientation as a resident advisor. Esther is battling with new roommate, Dean Thompson. Susan is moving in with her boyfriend, McGraw, and dealing with a building that resembles a prison.

In looking at Giant Days #38, there is no lead story, like an A, B, then C plot. All three of the plot threads work together as an overall narrative. We’ve been through the university experience with these three girls up until this point, so it’s exciting to see them prepare to take their next steps, even if it means that will bring them farther apart.
These next steps are also rather affirming for all three of them. They have always worked as a close knit group of friends and relied on one another. They’re still close, but not in the immediate vicinity anymore. As a result, they’re standing on their own for the first time and still going strong. It’s great to see how each one has come into her own.

To drive this point home further, there’s a great shot of Daisy and Susan walking while they think back to their time as first year students. We see a ghost-like version of them from that time in front of them. The difference between then and now is staggering.
Daisy has really taken to her role as a resident adviser. She lives by the rules, so this is perfect for her. I’m curious to see if this newfound authority will go to her head, especially after she unloads on a new student with the gall to smoke weed minutes after moving in.

Artist Julia Madrigal, who is filling in for series artist Max Sarin, captures this range of emotions well. Serious Daisy is such a fun look as it’s such a contrast to her usual bright, bubbly nature. She looks like she’s delivering a “Scared Straight” talk to this poor kid.
Susan’s story is rather heartwarming and shows how she’s grown as a character. She used to be this ball of hate, lashing out at the world around her. Her relationship with McGraw has softened her a bit. Where she would have stormed out after seeing McGraw’s choice for their apartment, she begrudgingly accepts it and then realizes what she’s really signed up for. The guy literally built every piece of furniture in the place so they’d have something special together. To quote Daisy and Esther, he filled it with love!

Giant Days borders on the absurd at times with fun gags (seriously, why are there five trampolines in the backyard?) along with incredible character development. Susan, Daisy, and Esther are real. Their trials and tribulations, however big or small they may be, are compelling and always interesting. Writer John Allison fills each and every issue with so much content that the comic is practically bursting at the seams.
Giant Days #38 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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