Check Out Portsmouth Comic Con’s Programming For The 5th And 6th Of May

by Olly MacNamee

This Bank Holiday Weekend sees the inaugural Portsmouth Comic Con with a selection of some of the best and biggest creators that comicdom has to offer and all on the coast of England. Now, I have to admit, I am hosting a panel or two, thanks to an invite by Joel Meadows who has used his 25+ years of comic book journalism to help curate a show that brings the likes of Walter and Louise Simonson to our shores alongside Frank Quietly, Rafael Albuquerque and Shelly Bond. The full line up can be seen here and a list of panels and timings here.
Or, be lazy and simply take a look see here and plan ahead.
Saturday 5th May
As for that 1pm TBC panel on Saturday? It’ll be me shooting the breeze with Philip Bond (Deadline, Black Crown Quarterly)in Panel Room 1.
Sunday 6th May

See you at the weekend if you’re there. Mine’s a pint.

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