Hack And Slash Through A Psychedelic Fantasy World In The Secret Voice On Kickstarter

by Tito W. James

The Secret Voice is an underground comic created by Zack Soto, about a bandaged warrior monk fighting monsters from below, and from within.

We meet our hero, Dr. Galapagos, as he attempts to warn the Troll King of the impending arrival of the Smog Emperor. The negotiations go south and Dr. Galapagos has a psychic brain lapse and accidentally cuts off the hand of the Troll King. Dr. Galapagos is forced to fight his way past an army of trolls including a troll-shaman who summons a golem made from its own barf. And that’s only the beginning!

Soto’s artwork is deceptively simple. His sketchy line-work and sickly color palettes might turn off a casual observer. But, I would encourage readers to look closer. Soto’s pacing and panel configurations sell the scenes. It’s low-brow high-fantasy, reminiscent of Paul PopeThe Secret Voice is a comic less about what happens and more about the way it is told.

The Secret Voice might be hard to describe and it won’t be for everyone, but I can understand why its campaign reached over half its funding goal the first day. You can back The Secret Voice right now on Kickstarter.

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