Red Winter Explores The Russian Criminal Underworld

by James Ferguson

We’re in a renaissance of crime comics right now with such titles as Kill or Be Killed, The Damned, and more filling up the stands. Red Winter is throwing its hat in the ring, taking us to the Russian criminal underworld. The comic is planned as a four-issue mini-series following Eli Winter, a disgraced former detective now living in Moscow and employed by local crime boss Nikolai Dubrovsky as an enforcer. Eli hates it there, but he owes this gangster so he’s stuck. When he’s tasked with looking into a meth lab’s destruction that left some of Dubrovsky’s men dead and money stolen, he’s put in a difficult position. The murders were committed by Eli’s own son, Joseph, as part of an initiation into a rival gang.
Red Winter is written by Michael Gordon, illustrated by Francisco Munoz, colored by Rolands Kalnins, and lettered by Nikki Sherman. It features a cover by Chris Shehan.

Gordon is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of the first issue. At the time of this writing, he’s already past the halfway point and it’s only the first day. The campaign will run through June 1st, 2018. Twenty pages of the first issue are already complete so that’s a good bet it will be made. Gordon has a few successful Kickstarter campaigns under his belt with Transdimensional through T-Pub so he has some experience using the platform. He’s a young up-and-comer in the industry and will be writing an upcoming issue of Grimm Tales of Terror from Zenescope and will be co-writing Lucky Man: The Bracelet Chronicles based on a British TV show from Stan Lee himself.
Rewards for the Red Winter Kickstarter campaign include the comic itself, prints, and original artwork.

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