Final Space Season 1 Spoilers And Season 2 Speculation

by Tito W. James


When we last left the crew of the Galaxy One, Gary was floating in space half-dead with Quinn trapped in Final Space and Little Cato nowhere to be found. How will our heroes escape this seemingly inescapable predicament?
Well I have a few theories…

I think Gary will get eaten by a temporal worm as shown in the original pitch pilot. The plot of Final Space centers around time travel: Gary traveling to into the past to see his father and Quinn traveling from the future to save Gary.

Also, if you look at the pitch pilot for Olan Rogers’s unaired project, Rob And Detective Boy, alternate timelines of characters are key plot points. Creators rarely waste ideas, and I suspect that Rogers will use some ideas from his other projects. For example, the codename Nightfall (Final Space) is similar to Nighthawk (Rob And Detective Boy).

There could also be a second Mooncake floating around. As revealed in Episode 8, Mooncake is made from the particles of Final Space that are created by closing the breach between worlds. In Episode 10, Quinn closes the breach for a second time. Could that mean the birth of a second Mooncake?
Here’s what I would like to see for Season 2:

A CGI episode or fight sequence. I mentioned before that the 3D animation in Final Space is top-notch. The animators could make use of the character models from the opening theme to create a really cool Matrix-style fight sequence. Or they could have an episode where the Galaxy One crew gets trapped in an arcade game like in the Lion’s Blaze.

Make Gary funnier. No more cookie or crap jokes. They’re over-used and not that funny. The funniest moments are also the darkest, like when Gary wears a dead alien’s skin as a suit and gets mistaken as someone’s mom. Dark humor doesn’t interrupt the flow of the action and usually comes as a surprise.

Bring back Avocato. I think they’re going to do this anyway if my time-travel theory is correct. Avocato was an awesome supporting character and my favorite character next to the Lord Commander. He’s in the theme song–he can’t stay dead! Also, if Gary goes back in time, then Avocato would still be allied with the Lord Commander.

Don’t bring back KVN. KVN was one of the most annoying characters on the show and his death, combined with Gary’s reaction, was a perfect punchline to a long running gag. I understand that KVN is a character you’re supposed to hate, but if they’re going to bring him back, please either make him less annoying or on the side of the Lord Commander.

Have Quinn become Nightfall. Nightfall was a nice twist and it kept Quinn from being the generic “tough girl on the team.” She said it best when she told Gary that they’re both the heroes. Future Quinn just has cooler gadgets and weapons plus the sick Samus Aran style armor.

Keep Tribore on the team. Tribore was surprisingly funny and it would be nice to see more of him.

New villains. It would be cool if there was an evil foil for every character on the Galaxy One. I’d consider the Lord Commander to be Moon Cake’s foil because they are both the most powerful.
Let me know what YOU want to see in Final Space Season 2!

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