Fantagraphics Publishes Disney Masters Series, Offers Special Subscription

by Hannah Means Shannon

Fantagraphics Books is rolling out their new Disney Masters series, which spotlights artists from around the world who have worked with Walt Disney’s properties. The first book launched this week on May 9th, but will be in bookstores on May 15th, with Disney Masters Vol. 1, Mickey Mouse: The Delta Dimension by Romano Scarpa.

For a limited time they’ll also be offering an exclusive subscription offer that guarantees readers that they will receive the first five volumes of the series as they are released, complete with free shipping.

To give you an idea of the history behind this artwork, when Disney legend Floyd Gottfredson stopped creating new Mickey Mouse adventures in 1955, Italian Disney artist Romano Scarpa proved himself to be a worthy successor, creating decades’ worth of new Mickey action epics. Many of the stories in this series are new to American readers, appearing in English for the first time.

You can order the first volume online at, and check out Fantagraphics’ exclusive 5-volume subscription offer at

A Disney Masters 5-volume subscription includes:

Over 950 pages in all • Full Color • Hardcover

5 volumes • $149 • Free shipping

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