Star Wars Live Action TV Series To Occur After Return of the Jedi

by Erik Amaya


We now know a critical piece of information about the Jon Favreau produced live action Star Wars series: it will take place after Return of the Jedi.
The Iron Man director revealed the program place in the to The Nerdist on the red carpet of last night’s Solo: A Star Wars Story premiere. He added that the show will be set seven years after the Battle of Yavin (which, if he was speaking correctly, means three years after ROTJ) and utilize some of the technology he employed on The Jungle Book to bring some of the alien creatures to life.
The timing of the series means many fan-favorite Star Wars stories of the distant past — like the tale of Darth Revan — will not be featured, but the post-ROTJ setting opens up a lot of avenues for the show. Supreme Leader Snoke’s history will finally have a place to be explored without getting in the way of the forward momentum Star Wars saga films require. There’s also room for long lost characters like Dash Rendar and Kyle Katarn to reappear should Favreau be so bold.
Also, it using the post-Trilogy timeframe, Favreau and the rest of the creative team get to use familiar Star Wars aesthetics which, as the Sequel films have shown, is a key part of Star Wars continued success.
The series has no premiere date, but many assume it will launch on Disney’s forthcoming streaming platform.

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