Inhumans Finally Cancelled At ABC; Cliffhanger To Never Be Resolved

by Erik Amaya


Attilan has come to Earth, but the fate of Marvel’s Inhumans will never be revealed as ABC finally issued the word: the show has been cancelled.
Which should not come as a huge surprise to anyone who saw the first two episodes at an IMAX screening or stuck around for the entire eight-episode series. From the debut of the first promo image to its final stinger portending some secret for the second season, the show never found a voice, look or tone from which to build upon. In fact, it never stopped feeling like a contractual obligation to ABC, IMAX and a dozen other partners the company aligned with to make an Inhumans project. The momentum to make the project reportedly originated in Marvel’s desire to set up the Inhumans concept as its Marvel Cinematic Universe equivalent of the X-Men. The plan never worked out as Marvel Studios gained more autonomy from Marvel Entertainment.
The end result was a rushed, cheap-looking show with a handful of worthwhile performances, but a difficulty explaining why audiences should care about a royal family in a heavily regulated caste system.
Meanwhile, its cliffhanger — Black Bolt’s worry about some threat Attilan was meant to defend the Earth against — will never be resolved. At least, presumably. Perhaps Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — should it return for a six season — could pick up the tale and utilize one of the better actors, like Serinda Swan, to tie things up. Or, more likely, the threat will be handwaved and explained to be Thanos should anyone ever bother to ask.
And thus ends the sad saga of Inhumans.

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