Ms. Marvel Introduction “Definitely In The Works” At Marvel Studios

by Erik Amaya

It seems Ms. Marvel, one of Marvel Comics’ most successful recent superheroes, will make her way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The source of this awesome news? Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige

As seen in the above video, Feige tells a BBC reporter that plans are “definitely in the works” to introduce her once Captain Marvel has launched next March. Created by Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker, G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona, Kamala Khan was a Pakistani teenager living in New Jersey admiring the exploits of Captain Marvel when a Terrigen bomb activated her Inhuman cells; turning her into a shape-shifter with increased strength and other skills. Deciding to become a hero, Kamala faced pressures from home, school, her culture and supervillains. The character became one of the most prominent minority characters in Marvel’s stable very quickly. The fan-favorite has inspired impassioned pleas to see Kamala become a live-action fixture of Marvel’s film or TV universe.
Of course, it is unclear if she will be a character set to appear in a subsequent Captain Marvel movie or headline her own film. But it is easy to imagine most fans will take Feige’s words to mean a spin-off feature in the not too distant future. Considering the way the Inhumans concept fell by the wayside on TV, maybe Kamala will be the best person to lead audiences into that world and how it different from the merry mutants.
(h/t: MCU Exchange)

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