Preview The Brave And The Bold #4 Full Pages + Black And White Naked Art

by Olly MacNamee

We do try to go the extra mile for our readers here at and so, as a huge fan of Liam Sharp’s The Brave And The Bold, we’re not only bringing you a preview of this week’s The Brave and The Bold #4, but the black and white “naked art” pages Liam has been sharing with fans online. They are something quite special and have more than the touch of the Doré about them, because of the finesse and detail Sharp is pouring into this book.
It’ll be sad to see it end, but not quite yet! After all, there’s still half the series still to come. But for now, enjoy this preview; the final pages and the original art!

The Brave and The Bold #4 is out Wednesday, the 19th of May 2018 from DC Comics.

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