Why You Should Be Reading Hillbilly, Daggummit!

by Tito W. James

There are many comics that come out each week, but very few that I would classify as literary. Indie comics tout having more originality than their main-stream competitors, but the vast majority of indie comics are just as “low-brow” as any superhero book.
That’s why Hillbilly is such a wonderful surprise. It’s mature storytelling for all ages rather than adult subject matter glazed onto juvenile stories.

Hillbilly, created by Eric Powell, follows the adventures of Rondel, the wandering mountain man. Readers join Rondel as he uses the Devil’s cleaver to cut his way through Appalachian folklore and evil witches alike.

Each of the characters from Powell’s world speak like figures from a Mark Twain novel. The verbiage is fun, but not overdone. There are plenty of quiet moments where the art does the storytelling. And what fantastic art it is.

Powell’s art style seems to have evolved since The Goon miniseries, Occasion for Revenge. There is more of an illustration/sketchbook feel, with limited color palettes differentiating the stories within the story.

Powell has created some fully original folklore. The stories are adventurous, often tragic, and are set against a backdrop of mythological proportions. There’s a lot of ” thinkin’ ” that goes into making these “funnybooks.”
Now go out and read it daggnabbit!
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