Why You Should Read Beowulf By Santigao Garcia And David Rubin

by Tito W. James

Beowulf is an epic about a man whose ferocious personality is only matched by the monsters he slays. Creators Santiago Garcia and David Rubin tackle one of humanity’s oldest and most treasured myths in a monster-sized graphic novel.

I’ve been a fan of Rubin’s art ever since I read his take on Heracles. Rubin’s sense of pacing and panel configurations utilizes the unique aspects of comic book storytelling. Much is being said even when no one is speaking.


The creators add in contemporary elements to the Beowulf myth without spoiling the historic atmosphere. The monsters in the story have more in common with Predator or Alien than any traditional mythological beast.

In this new adaption of Beowulf, these creators have wiped off the dust but kept in the blood. Garcia and Rubin have been nominated for an Eisner Award for this graphic novel. They’ve already won the award, in my mind.

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