Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Concludes This August With Oversized Finale

by James Ferguson

The Power Rangers world has been rocked by the events of Shattered Grid and we’re only halfway through. Boom! Studios and Saban Brands have revealed a glimpse to the final chapters of the storyline coming in August 2018. Power Rangers from across time and space have come together for one of the biggest battles in any of their histories. Meanwhile, the Ranger Slayer faces down the one Ranger who might be able to stop her.

First up, in Go Go Power Rangers #12, the team joins forces with an unlikely ally to battle Rita’s new monster as the Ranger Slayer inches ever further towards her goal. Written by Ryan Parrott and illustrated by Dan Mora, the issue will feature a main cover by Mora and variant covers by Miguel Mercado, Audrey Mok, and Natacha Bustos.
Then, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #30, every Ranger left standing teams up in an attempt to fight back the unrivaled power of Lord Drakkon while a covert team led by Grace embarks on what might be their last mission ever. Written by Kyle Higgins and illustrated by Daniele Di Nicuolo, this issue will feature a main cover by Jamal Campbell and variant covers by Jordan Gibson and Joana LaFuente.

The mega event comes to a close in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid #1, an oversized one-shot from Higgins and Di Nicuolo. This issue will feature a main cover by Jamal Campbell and variant covers by Chris Burnham and Christian Ward.
Dafna Pleban, Editor, Boom! Studios says:

No matter what you do, don’t let anyone spoil the final page of Power Rangers: Shattered Grid for you. Everyone at BOOM! Studios and Saban Brands have worked hard to create a conclusion that breaks all the rules of comic book events and will leaves fans shocked. Everything changes here!

As awesome as Shattered Grid has been so far, I’m not in a rush to see it end. That being said, this sounds so awesome, so I can’t wait to see what happens. I’m so torn!

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