Critiquing Comics #134: “Fallen Ones” And “The Five Of Us”

by Hannah Means Shannon welcomes back the Critiquing Comics Podcast tonight, from the same folks who bring us Deconstructing Comics, but this time focused on the craft of making comics.
Fallen Ones - The Five of Us
A werewolf. A female assassin. A grieving father. Varga Balint Bank and Vadas Mate’s Fallen Ones weaves their stories together in a well-thought-out way.
The Five of Us: It All Starts Here, from Sean Conway, Bangkit Myarso, Arief Reza Erlangga, and Dreadink, gives us a group of young African-American men who happen onto Power Rangers-type powers. Yeah, but what’s the actual story here? Tim and Mulele review.
Listen up below!

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