Learn The Secrets Of Jessica’s Ring In Green Lanterns #47

by James Ferguson

Simon Baz is on a race against time. He has to get to his partner, Jessica Cruz trapped within a black hole of her own memories before she learns the identity of the two men that murdered her best friends. Otherwise, she could turn into a monster hellbent on revenge.

I will be honest and say I don’t entirely understand the logic at work in Green Lanterns #47. If Jessica finds out who killed her friends, it would consume her and she’d shut everyone out. This would break her. Based on my exposure to Jessica during the course of this series, I just don’t see how that is possible. Yes, she’s been fighting to overcome some issues, but she seems to be handling them very well, becoming more outgoing and open. I guess this kind of trauma is not something you just get over. It stays with you and becomes a part of you. Although it may not have shown all the time, this is something that still deeply affects Jessica.
Simon has to fight his partner both physically and verbally. He tries to get through to her again and again as green constructs fly every which way. Jessica demonstrates a mastery of the ring which she’s struggled with since the series began, creating large, complex constructs. She looks like a warrior, clad in a cross between the Green Lantern uniform and the Power Ring suit with a bandana tied around her head. It gives her a Rambo feel which is fitting considering she’s hunting these murderers through her memories.

While all this is going on, the Justice League is sucked into Singularity Jain’s world and forced to face their greatest fears. This makes for an awesome and frightening visual as they’re powerless to resist this pull. Even Superman can’t fly out of this. Artist V. Ken Marion has a great shot of the League swirling into Jain’s open maw. They’re trying so hard to escape as their bodies twist and contort against such a powerful force.
This also leads to an unsettling page where we see what each one is scared of. Batman looks at his dead parents. The Flash sees Iris dead in front of him. Cyborg is being dissected on a table. The one I didn’t quite understand is Superman. He’s holding a box of Kryptonite. That’s it? The guy has a wife and a kid and his greatest fear is a rock? I know it can hurt him, but I thought he had different priorities.

This arc, “Ghosts of the Past” concludes with two major moments. One of them is pretty great and the other was a little disappointing. The first is a more definitive answer as to what makes Jessica’s ring so unique. It has a personality and speaks to her like a close friend. We find out why that is and it’s perfect. It works well with the character and what she’s been through. The other moment is the end (for now) of Singularity Jain. She is such an interesting and fierce villain that I was hoping to see her appear more, but as it stands, she’s kind of taken off the board for a bit. She could return down the line perhaps, although it doesn’t look likely.

Green Lanterns #47 leaves us with the two main characters sharing a stronger bond than ever before. They were forced to work together at first, but have come to rely on one another in a meaningful way. I’m glad that this arc steered away from the possible romantic angle as I still don’t think that works. In this case, we see how solid their current relationship is and that really shines through. Writer Tim Seeley concludes this issue with a solid cliffhanger too.
Green Lanterns #47 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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