5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 32: “Three-Leaf Sprouts”

by Sage Ashford

Asta and the others continue their fight against Neige! But before they think they’ve gotten things won, reinforcements arrive…from the Eye of the Midnight Sun?! Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. With a town full of kids missing, it’s fortunate that for once Sekke decided to be good at his job and actually go recruiting help. Granted, it’s almost a certainty he only did it because he didn’t want to go fight whatever it was capable of stealing a town full of children. Coincidentally, the Magic Knight guild nearest to the town of Nean is the Black Bulls’ base. Sekke rushes in and the place looks something like a haunted house–the lights are shut off and there’s no one talking or moving inside.
He runs into Gordon, the nicest member of the Black Bulls…that just happens to look like a serial killer. While Gordon’s continuing to take his job of “nicest member in the Magic Knights” seriously by offering him tea and asking if he needs help, he accidentally chases Sekke right into Yami. At this point Sekke finally gets a look around the base and realizes the reason no one’s helped…is because they’re all drunk. Even Yami’s going through a hangover, and rudely asks why someone’s there asking him about paying a tab.
Even when Sekke points out that the village of Nean needs help, Yami says it isn’t his problem.  See, this is why the whole guild is light-years behind all the other leagues even though they’re all elitist dickwads who only help people for the opportunity to get a promotion.

2. Elsewhere, good guy Asta is about to punch directly through Baro’s face when the nun saves the guy because she needs to know how to give the kids back their magic. Asta settles for punching a comically large hole in the rock behind Baro, which again makes one wonder if Asta’s real magic isn’t just super strength. Seriously–no one else is this strong without utilizing magic, someone should really look into that.
In any case, Baro’s friend Neige is still able to fight…but gets abused by Gauche for hitting his sister Marie. While Gauche is a jerk, it’s hard not to feel some small satisfaction watching him smack the kid around; he talks about wanting “friends” but as soon as one of his friends voiced an opinion of her own he responded by hitting her. He deserved to get roughed up a little.
He tries to fight back, summoning more snow creatures, but Gauche obliterates them; they’re equal in magical ability, but Gauche’s powers are honed through constant work as a Magic Knight. Even after getting captured, Gauche doesn’t freak out–unable to reach his mirror, he simply has his mirror double fry Neige’s back with some energy. Unfortunately, while they were distracted Baro managed to send for a little help. That’s what happens when you waste too much time bickering amongst one another instead of paying attention to your prisoners…

3. Somehow, despite the heroes sending for help long before the villains did, Baro and Neige get their back up first in the form of Sally, the twisted mad scientist who nearly captured Asta during the invasion story. She pops up with her jello salamander and is easily capable of avoiding Gauche’s mirror lasers and surviving any hit from Asta’s sword. …That second part is a little weird, since you’d think in theory if he touched her gel it’d just dissolve, but nope. He cut off the head and it immediately reattached itself. Seconds later Sally captures Asta again, and things are looking really…gross. She’s still intent on experimenting on him, starting off by….biting him to see if his blood is normal?  Uhm, Sally might be the stupidest mad scientist in an anime I’ve ever seen.
Fortunately, Asta is saved when Sally gets distracted and her salamander is obliterated by the nun’s flame spells! She’s been kind of a weird nun from the beginning–since when do sisters have giant face scars–but we finally learn why this arc. She was a former Magic Knight herself, and a member of Crimson Lion. Asta asks if she knows Fuegoleon, and to his surprise she not only knows him, she helped train him! The Crimson Lions really are the coolest guild, and they’re known for having a ton of exceptionally talented warrior women in their ranks, but more on that another time.

4. Once Sally realizes she’s outnumbered, she decides to bolster her numbers a bit more. With Neige down and Baro begging for the opportunity to be helped once she frees him, she gives him several chances to opt out of what is obviously a trap. But since he’s too obsessed with trying to get the funds he was told he’d be paid he sets himself up, getting injected with mysterious fluid that turns him into a gigantic mud monster!
It’s meant to be three on two here, until Gauche proves himself to be Ultimate Trash by abandoning his friends. He never cared about Asta, the nun, and certainly the other children, so he grasps Marie and escapes the tunnel. Yikes.

5. Next Episode: The team beats Gauche unmercifully for being so useless and get Marie a better older brother.  …No, that’s just what I wish would happen. Instead, Gauche continues to escape with his sister in tow, while the children try to escape and Asta and Sister Theresa battle against Sally and Mud Baro. Hopefully at some point Yami and the others arrive to bail them out, or things are going to become bad real quick.
Black Clover is available on streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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