Colton Haynes’ Arrow Return Will Feature Earth-1 Roy Harper

by Erik Amaya


In a television multiverse where doppelgangers of dead friends can pop up with ease, it is not crazy to suggest former Arrow star Colton Haynes’ return as a series regular next season will see him playing a new version of Roy Harper.
Word of the actor’s return to the series surprised fans who saw Roy leave with Thea Queen (Willa Holland) on a mission to find the remaining Lazarus Pits — a concept which is as close to a happy ending as Arrow can muster — in a late season six episode. His full-time return means the characters must have split up again; leaving fans hoping for an alternate-Earth Roy to preserve the conclusion to Thea’s story. The show already employed the DC Comics multiverse concept to bring Katie Cassidy back after a year away from the series as Laurel Lance’s Earth-2 counterpart, so it is within the realm of possibility for the series. But as out-going showrunner Marc Guggenheim told Entertainment Weekly, Haynes’s season 7 role is “absolutely our Earth’s Roy.”
“Colton is coming back as our one Roy Harper,” he continued. “We have a cool plan for Roy — now I should really get into the habit of saying the writers have a cool plan for Roy — but I think it’s premature to talk about that. I’ll let Beth [Schwartz] address that.” Guggenheim stepped down as co- showrunner at the conclusion of season six, but will still have a consultant role as the program continues. Schwartz, meanwhile, takes over the vacancies left by Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle, who ran the show with Guggenheim for the last three years.
One of Schwartz’ first tasks will be reintroducing the character while making the end of his time with Thea less devastating to fans of the relationship; a group as vociferous as any of the ship groups among the CW superhero series. Will she and her staff find an amicable solution? We’ll find out in the fall.

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