Making Fun: The Story Of Funko Documentary Releases On Netflix

by Christine Marie Attardo

Over the past few years Funko has dominated the collectibles market. In fact, they’ve downright evolved it. Have you ever wondered how that all came to be? You don’t have to guess any longer. Today brings the release of a new documentary on Netflix entitled, Making Fun: The Story of Funko. 

As a kid, I always collected things. Whether it be Beanie Babies or Pokemon figures, I formed my small collections and really enjoyed them. Then there was a very large span of time where that part of life kind of faded away. I still had my nostalgic collectibles, but the whole art of collecting was gone from my life. Enter Funko. I think this company emerged at the perfect time. The idea of being into “nerdy” things changed the way people looked at collecting figures of your favorite Game of Thrones characters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney characters, etc. It also helped that the Funko figures were downright adorable. I remember buying my first POP! Vinyl and never looking back. Now, a few years later, the company has designed so many different series of collectibles of all shapes and sizes. I look forward to how they will evolve in the future.
Take a look at the trailer for Making Fun-The Story of Funko below and watch it on Netflix today.

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