50 Shades Of Green: Preview Green Lanterns Annual #1 From Diggle, Perkins And Troy

by Olly MacNamee

Every thousand years, a ceremony is held on a long-forgotten world to celebrate the life of an ancient Green Lantern hero. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are chosen to represent Earth at this event, but they quickly learn not all is as it seems. A secret has been buried on this planet, and it’s up to our heroes to find it and put the mystery to rest once and for all!

We gave you an advance critique and a peek at some of new Green Lanterns artist, Mike Perkins’, black and white pages, but now we got our grubby little hands onto some preview pages of this week’s Green Lanterns Annual #1. And I must say, Andy Troy’s colour work is astonishing and really makes Perkins’ art pop even more. I can’t wait to see what these guys do on Green Lanterns #50 now. And, it goes to show just how important a good colourist can be on a book. Stunning!

Green Lanterns Annual #1 is out Wednesday, the 30th of May by Andy Diggle, Mike Perkins and Andy Troy.

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