Deconstructing Comics #595: Mulele And Other DCP Connections At TCAF

by Hannah Means Shannon

The Deconstructing Comics Podcast is back tonight on with further coverage of Koom’s time at TCAF recently, catching up with a number of comic creators there.
TCAF 2018 Koom’s visit to Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2018 included several table interviews and a longer wrap-up interview with Mulele on the process of signing up for TCAF, the many roadblocks he ran into on the trip itself, the payoff of attending, how TCAF compares with Tokyo cons, and more. (Larger photos and time stamps below)
Harmony Becker 1:26 Harmony Becker, who tabled at Kaigai Manga Festa in Tokyo last year and was interviewed by Tim here, gives us an update
Mark Laliberte and Jonation Dyck 4:36 Mark Laliberte and Jonathan Dyck of the 4 Panel anthology
Molly Muldoon 7:58 Molly Muldoon, co-writer of the graphic novel Dead Weight with past DCP guest Terry Blas
11:50 Mulele‘s TCAF story
Listen up below!

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