This Weekend Brings A Mario Tennis Aces Online Tournament Demo

by Christine Marie Attardo

Did you think you’d have to wait until June 22nd to play some Mario Tennis on your Nintendo Switch? Think again! This weekend brings an online tournament demo with new game, Mario Tennis: Aces. As a person who plays hours and hours of Mario Kart online, I have all of my fingers and toes crossed that this game will also have a successful online component.

Right now if you download the demo, you can stare at this on your screen for hours and hours in anticipation. I remember hoping that the Wii U version of Mario Tennis would be enjoyable online. It was an excellent game in general, but the online version was horrid. It didn’t function well at all. I have high hopes for Aces. 
Take a look at some Bowser game-play:

Certain people are saying that this version of Mario Tennis is bringing a lot to the table…
From IGN:

Following Camelot’s last attempt at bringing the Mushroom Kingdom back to the court, Mario Tennis Aces introduces a multitude of new gameplay features and mechanics that deliver an entirely new competitive edge to the series. Along with the addition of Adventure Mode, online Tournaments, and a variety of characters with unique playstyles — Aces looks like it’s shaping up to be the Mario Tennis game fans have been waiting for.

It looks like there’s a pretty good chance we are going to love Mario Tennis: Aces. Don’t forget to download the demo and hop online this weekend to test out the tournament. The full length game releases on June 22nd, 2018.

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