Will E3 Bring An Animal Crossing Announcement For The Nintendo Switch?

by Christine Marie Attardo

Electronic Expo Entertainment, better known as E3 is just around the corner. The wildly important convention for gamers worldwide will be taking place June 12th through the 14th this year. With that said, the one announcement that I am crossing all of my fingers and toes for is Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch.
Trust me, I’m not alone. Even though we got a little taste of what a new Animal Crossing could be like with Pocket Campmany think it’s time for a full game experience. How likely is an announcement? There are tons of people speculating.

Gamespot weighed in on the matter:

The last main game in the Animal Crossing series, New Leaf, is five years old. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launched on mobile phones late last year, and if anything, it was a nice holdover–a way to reignite passion for the series without ever being satisfying enough to make you forget what could be. And what could be is a new-and-improved, full-fledged, and portable Animal Crossing game on the Switch… hopefully with the decorating mechanics of Happy Home Designer.

I personally think that the timing is perfect. Have you ever played the Animal Crossing level in Mario Kart? It’s stunning! Imagine being able to navigate around that world. Hopefully Nintendo will make a move with it because it’s sure to sell a ton of copies.
What do you think? Will we get a new Animal Crossing announcement at E3?

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