Swag! The Book Loving Book Expo 2018 Edition

by Hannah Means Shannon

Book Expo has been running this week in New York City at the Javits Center, an amazing time to wander around the venue in a much quieter atmosphere than a big comic con, and one  in which upcoming books are in the spotlight. Book Expo is a trade show for the publishing industry, catering to librarians, academics, bookstores, and the like, whereas from today through tomorrow (the 2nd and 3rd of June), you can attend Book Con in the same location, open to the public and featuring many notable authors and even a few celebrities. By books, of course we also mean comics and graphic novels! Both shows are run by ReedPOP, the same organization who bring us New York Comic Con, Emerald City Comic Con, C2E2, and many more.
Swag from Book Expo and Book Con is always epic, with plenty of ashcans and advance reading copies of upcoming books being given away. It becomes a test of your love for books vs. your upper arm strength, divided by your pain threshold. I came away with these lovely items, and the amazing thing is that they don’t look like they weighed like about 50 pounds of great reading. But they did. Oh, they did.

To take a closer look at that top row, I have some catalogs, one giant new graphic novel from Lion Forge called Upgrade Soul by Ezra Claytan Daniels, and the chunky new trade (out next week) from Image of The Red Hook by Dean Haspiel. Next to that some true geek non-fiction–a book about the Atari game Missile Command, 8-Bit Apocalypse. Below that you’ll find some postcards teasing upcoming Abrams Comic Art releases and an Image catalog.

In the middle, a sample chunk of Ashley Eckstein’s new Disney-published autobio about the founding of the Her Universe clothing line, which I’ve actually been looking forward to seeing. Let’s not forget enamel pin manufacturer Zen Monkey Studios who were super nice and gave me MST 3K metal pins for Tom Servo and Crow T Robot.
Likewise, below that you’ll find an ashcan for RUN coming up from Abrams Comic Art, from the same team who created March, including Senator John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, Nate Powell, and Afua Richardson. Also, a Marvel Previews book I’m keen to flip through, a fully illustrated book from Abrams called The Faithful Spy about an attempt to kill Hitler, and another non-fiction work chronicling the rise of pop music and pop culture in New York City in the 60’s and 70’s, The Downtown Pop Underground.

These free bags below made it possible for my to carry my swag home without damaging my limbs too much. Walking through Book Expo was, quite simply, fascinating, and this is only a tiny fragment of the books on display and information being given out about upcoming publications.


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