Caught Between A Vigilante And A Street Pirate As Identity Stunt Continues

by James Ferguson

Sami “Sam” Nasser’s life is full of turmoil after the psychotic ganglord Dominus Smith incorrectly named him as the unbalanced vigilante Beatdown. In Identity Stunt #3, due out on June 6th from Markosia Enterprises, Sam takes to the road and ends up caught in a death race between Beatdown and the viperous street pirate Crash Cummings. Something terrifying is brewing at the grim finish line and no one saw it coming.

Identity Stunt #3, written by Joe R. Khachadourian and illustrated by J. Briscoe Allison, will also feature the debut of the masked marauder known as Knuckleball. The series aims to capture the bombastic tones of action films from the 1980s and 1990s. It will feature a cover by Tone Rodriguez.

Series creator Joe R. Khachadourian says:

I cannot wait for our fans to process the magnitude of everything we’ve thrown into this issue. Identity Stunt #3 paints the past and present with one brush and paves the way for the future. It’s an incredible milestone! J. Briscoe, Tone, colorist Juancho Velez, and letterer A.J. Scherkenbach are pouring their hearts and souls — and sanity — into this series and it genuinely shows. It’s action-packed and incredibly gorgeous!

Identity Stunt #3 is set for release on June 6th at ComiXology and is currently available for pre-order. The first two issues are also available there, as well as at DriveThruComics. Print copies are available at the Identity Stunt Store. A trade paperback collecting the first four issues will be available in the Fall.

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