‘Where We Live’ Delivers Eye-Opening Stories For A Good Cause

by Tito W. James

On October 1, 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada suffered the worst mass shooting in modern American history, resulting in 58 deaths and over 500 injured. It broke my heart. Las Vegas is my home. I felt like something needed to be done to help in a unique way.—JH Williams III, Artist & Curating Editor

The Where We Live Anthology serves to raise funds for the survivors of the Las Vegas shooting. The anthology includes short stories from fan-favorite creators including, Mike Allred, Brian Michael Bendis, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Neil Gaiman, Mike Mignola, Mark Millar, Greg Pak, Gail Simone, Geof Darrow, Jeff Lemire, Cliff Chiang, and Andrew MacLean, just to name a few.
After reading several stories from multiple perspectives, I learned about the sheer number of mass shootings and how the second amendment was conceived in regards to operating armed militias. After finishing the anthology, I felt like I’d received a suit of armor. It won’t block bullets or the pain, but I have an ironclad position on what needs to be done and the facts to back it up.
Where We Live doesn’t simply preach without providing practical information. There are ways to solve America’s gun problem and step one is as simple as listening to what others have to say.
You can buy the book now online or find your local comic shop.

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