The Pen Click: A Look At Serena Waterford From A Handmaid’s Tale

by Christine Marie Attardo

To put it bluntly, one of the main reasons I am still watching The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu is because of the character Serena Waterford. You might wonder why that’s the case when I should be rooting for June, but I have a bigger theory in mind.

I have a theory that Serena will see the flaws in Gilead and end up helping June/Offred. After last week’s episode, it looks like I might be right. I nearly screamed with joy after finding out that Mrs. Waterford is writing again.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering how I could like a character that is as abusive and nutty as Mrs. Waterford. Obviously, I don’t like everything she does, because so much of this society makes me cringe and/or roll my eyes. However, I have had hope for her character since the beginning. There are many scenes in which she has these subtle facial expressions that reveal that she has a heart deep down, past that blue dress.

Her new writing determination was made all the better by her reaching out to June for editing assistance. I was never so happy to hear a pen click as I was at the end of last week’s episode. At this point, I’m hoping for a complete resistance against Gilead and that they team together to bring positive change to this new world. Of course, I know that’s wishful thinking and we probably have a long way to get there.
Take a look at the clip above for an inside look of the episode and be sure to tune in to Hulu. All episodes of Season 1 and the first seven episodes are now streaming.

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