Flashes To The Past And Dangers In The Present In Wasted Space #2

by James Ferguson

How did Billy Bane become the most wanted man in the galaxy? The prophet gave one bad prediction that seemed to ruin everything, sending worlds into war. Wasted Space #2 shows the details of this move as Billy and fellow prophet Molly compare stories. Both have been through some traumatic experiences in their lives, but what they do with them is what sets them apart.

Billy basically just wants to be alone. He knows he screwed up and just wants to find solace at the bottom of a bottle. Molly can still see the good in people. She hasn’t let the world turn her into a jaded mess yet, despite how she’s been manipulated for most of her life. Molly still has hope while Billy has lost all of his.
I’m very curious as to how these prophet powers work. In Billy’s case, he sees a god who appears to him as a favorite toy from when he was a kid. This would be like a full size Optimus Prime that only you could see dropping by to share life wisdom and give you a glimpse into the future. That sounds crazy, right?

Artist Hayden Sherman presents this in a serious fashion. Billy stands there, conflicted by what he’s forced to do as this suave robot man works to win him over. This is the Creator we’re talking about, so shouldn’t Billy listen to what he has to say? The contrast between Billy’s worried face and the cold, emotionless guise of the robot Creator is perfect. This extends to the present day when you see how down and out Billy has become. He’s wallowing in his sorrows as he’s sunk even lower.
While Billy’s story is captivating, there’s a lot more going on around him. These events showcase the size and scale of Wasted Space as rival factions move on nearby planets that could mean his doom. This comes from two fronts. There’s Molly’s brother who is involved in the Anarchist Society Syndicate, which is proving to be very deadly and well…anarchistic. Then there’s this Eternal-like creature calling itself Legion, that is searching for the prophets and will stop at nothing to get its hands on them.

The Anarchist Society Syndicate and Legion look like they’re from an entirely different planet, particularly in how they’re colored. Legion is this hulking monster, towering above everyone it comes across in this dark crimson suit that hides its emotions. The Anarchist Society Syndicate (which I just realized has an abbreviation you’d surely find on the leaderboards of classic arcade games) shares some of that soulless appearance, despite the fact that they’re human beings. This might be due to the fact that their eyes don’t have pupils.
These elements give off a Fifth Element vibe which is definitely not a bad thing. Wasted Space blends together some of the best elements of science fiction to tell this intriguing story of a guy in over his head and the young girl who could show him hope again. I realize that might sound a little corny, however it works well within the context of the comic and this gritty futuristic setting. Billy is a reluctant hero who has a unique power that could help the galaxy, but he has to get out of his own head and put his past behind him if he’s going to be any help.
Wasted Space #2 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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