Netflix Confirms A Third Season For Thirteen Reasons Why

by Christine Marie Attardo

It has only been a few weeks since the premiere of Season 2 of Netflix’s Thirteen Reasons Why, but the news has arrived. The show will return for a third season.
Netflix shared this trailer on social media early Wednesday:

I think at this point it’s safe to talk about this terrifying scene…the scene that closed out season 2.

All season long, we watched character Tyler Down (pictured above) struggle. He was bullied, a lot. He found comfort in a group of friends that had peculiar, dangerous interests. With that, something was encouraged and unlocked within himself. One of the most disturbing scenes of Thirteen Reasons Why season 2 was when Tyler is assaulted in the bathroom. It was nauseating to watch and your heart breaks for this character because the previous scenes show him returning from a rehabilitation retreat. The assault leads him to bring a rifle to the school dance. The ending scene involves Clay talking Tyler out of bringing the gun in, but in turn, touching the gun himself.
The season ends with Clay, Jessica, and Justin standing outside as Tony picks up Tyler and drives him away from the scene. Clay says something to the effect of “we’ll figure it out.” All in all, I felt incredibly tense and disappointed. While I’m glad that the show addressed gun violence this season, I worry how this will all turn out. While there are points in which you feel sympathy for Tyler’s character, it is difficult to side with someone who wants to murder a bunch of teens. The good thing is, we will be able to find out how it turns out after all. How do you feel about Thirteen Reasons Why season 2? Are you excited for a third season?
Thirteen Reasons Why seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix.

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