“No Plans” For Defenders Season 2 Says Jeph Loeb

by Erik Amaya


While Netflix’s The Defenders was the culmination of Marvel’s plan with the streaming service to deliver five television series based on its comic book characters, the end result was decidedly mixed and, it seems, intended as a one-off event.
At least, that’s what Marvel Television chief Jeph Loeb told fans during a Reddit AMA promoting Cloak & Dagger. According to Loeb, a second season is “not in the plans right now, but you never know.” Previously, Jessica Jones and Defenders star Krysten Ritter told reporters the 8-episode series released last summer was, at least from her standpoint, always intended to be a one-time deal. Of course, had the series been more positively embraced, everyone would be more interested in reuniting the team for a second adventure.
Then again, the realities of producing Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist — with the shows’ various voices and tones — may have also tempered thoughts of semi-regular Defenders seasons. Meanwhile, Marvel and Netflix added The Punisher to their stable of series, removing the need for Defenders to be the fifth on-going series in their portfolio.
But never to dismiss an idea entirely, Loeb’s “you never know” suggests there may be a time when cast, crew, production company and streaming platform want to get the gang back together. As a viewer, I’d much rather see a proper “Heroes for Hire” season than another Defenders, but five years down the road, we may all see things a little differently.
Meanwhile, Loeb mentioned the company is actively “working” on finding its half-hour dramedy New Warriors a new home.
(h/t TVLine)

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