Cartoon Network Characters Who Should Be In The Gorillaz Band

by Tito W. James

The addition of Powerpuff Girls villain, Ace to The Gorillaz got me thinking about what other Cartoon Network characters would work as band members. Here’s list of characters I’d like to see in future music videos.
The Powerpuff Girls

Cosplayers Darshelle Stevens, Jessica Nigri, and Meg Turney have done their own “punk” versions of Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles. Having these cosplayers dancing in the background would make for a fun cameo.
Jack and Johnny

Ever since their fateful encounter in a laundromat, fans have created their own art to celebrate the bromance between these guys.
The Princess of Mars

This is an obscure pick. The Princess of Mars was an antagonist created for the Duck Dodgers TV series. The show was a spin-off of the Looney Tunes short, Duck Dodgers of The 24th and 1/2 Century, which was a spoof on Buck Rogers. The Martian Princess bears some resemblance to Dejah Thoris from A Princess of Mars. Are you confused yet?

This is Dexter’s mecha robot form. Just have him “do the robot” while in a robot.

Remember that nightmare-fueled fever dream called Courage The Cowardly Dog? Of course you do. You never forget childhood trauma! Anyway the coolest, evilest, and down right sexiest character is Katz.

Speaking of sexy… Everyone’s favorite bespectacled mystery solver works well in a group even when she’s the smartest person in the room. Waifu for life-u!

“Hey kids, want some candy?” Jack-O-Lantern was a breakout character from the Halloween episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. That was one of the few shows that was so messed up that my Mom wouldn’t let me watch it.
Mad Mod

While I could easily see any or all of the Teen Titans in the world of The Gorillaz, Mad Mod’s character fits like a glove. His psychedelic powers are perfect for music videos and he’s even more nasty than Murdock.
Please comment on Twitter what characters you want to see in the Gorillaz!

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