Co-Founder Of MEGO Toys Teases Announcement About Company’s Return

by Hannah Means Shannon

In the lead up to Eternal Con, being held on Long Island next weekend, PR is going out teasing that the show will host Marty Abrams, CEO and Co-Founder of MEGO, and that Abrams will be making a major announcement about the company’s “return”.
Netflix series The Toys That Made Us featured Abrams as the subject of episode 1, season 2, describing him as “The God Father of Action Figures” and in the wake of the attention that series is receiving, Abrams is said to be “returning” to “shake up” toys again.
In the late 1970s, MEGO was generating $100 million annually (the equivalent of $500 million in 2018) in sales, according to the PR surrounding this upcoming announcement. Of course, the classic figures are highly collectibles, and vintage figures can range in value from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
Abrams will be at Eternal Con on June 16th and is “set to make a major announcement about the legendary MEGO’s return and his plans to captivate a whole new generation”.
Abrams may also have “special announcements” leading up to Eternal Con, which you can follow on their Facebook page.

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