Michael Myers Returns (For Reals This Time) In Halloween Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Ignoring every other Halloween movie except the first, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s new Halloween takes a look at Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) forty years after Michael Myers returned to Haddonfield to continue the murder spree he began as a young boy. And as this new trailer for the film boldly announces, Laurie and Michael are not related by any blood except what he spilled that night in 1978. But as this is a Halloween film, it means we will see the night he came back again. Only this time, Laurie is ready for him.

And while I tend to ignore horror movies, the original Halloween holds a special place in my heart. So does the third one by virtue of being something different. My general affection for the series means I always take a look, even when entries like Halloween 6: The Curse of Micheal Myers, the Rob Zombie films and the last anniversary film, Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, turn out to be mediocre attempts at recapturing what made the first film so vital. This, however, looks like a labor of love from Green and McBride. Or, at the very least, an exceptionally produced fan film with original creators like John Carpenter and Curtis involved. Of course, the two concepts are not mutually exclusive as we enter a time when fan films and official outings look more and more like one another.
Halloween opens on October 19th.

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