John Tyler Christopher Reveals His Variant For Star Wars #50

by Olly MacNamee

With the anniversary issue of Star Wars soon to hit the stands, John Tyler Christopher has revealed his variant action figure cover for issue #50 of this Marvel comic. And, who better to add than Palpatine himself, in his Emperor guise from Return of the Jedi and, I suppose, Revenge of the Sith. And, while it’s not the first time JTC has illustrated The Emperor (he had him, as Death Sidious, on the cover of Darth Maul #1), this one is the first to reveal his full ugly fizzog.
Especially as this issue seems to mark a darker phase for Star Wars as they make their long and winding journey to Both and The Empire Strikes Back. It is, after all, part of writer Kieron Gillen’s master plan, as revealed in his interview with me earlier this year. And, therefore, an appropriate figure to appear on this cover.
Star Wars #50 is out July 4th. A day of celebration for America, but maybe not for the Rebel Alliance. D’oh!

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